10 Commercial Cleaning Tips That Will Tidy up the Office Quick and Easy

1. Plan the Cleaning

Here’s the first of our commercial cleaning tips! Plan your task. It’ll make things way easier if all is laid out in a plan. Moreover, it also guarantees an efficient and smooth work transition.

2. Take away the Clutter

Taking away the clutter is simply picking up the stray rubbish all around. Rubbish like empty cups, chip bags, dishes with leftovers, insignificant documents, etc.

3. Tidy the Desk

This would be much easier if it’s also a permanent discipline in the office. If people take the initiative to constantly clear up their desks, then cleaning won’t be that hard at all. In this case, there’ll be less to clear up when it’s cleaning time.

4. Wipe the Windows Clean

Window cleaning, for the most part, is best done by professionals. If your office is one of the highest floors of a towering skyscraper, then let the professionals work for you. Professional cleaners are equipped with the right solutions and equipment for the task. Which is why it’s best left to the pro.

5. Empty the Rubbish Bins

Bins need to be cleaned regularly. Most especially if employees eat at their desks. You can put rubbish bags inside them so that it’ll be easier to take the rubbish out whenever needed.

6. Clean up the Electronic Equipment

This is a primary item among our commercial cleaning tips. Offices are mostly filled with electronic gadgets and machines. Thus, cleaning it is a must to prolong quality. Therefore, schedule a regular cleaning for them. Most especially, computers and their peripherals, fax machines, phones, etc.

7. Mind the Toilets

Keeping the toilets clean and disinfected is a vital part of commercial cleaning. Moreover, people use them every day anyway, so it is best to ensure that they are clean and hygienic.

8. Hit the Kitchen

If you have a kitchen or a pantry, then this tip #8 is for you! Never leave the kitchen out of your cleaning session. Especially the machines that process food daily like the microwave and the fridge.

9. Mop On

Best leave mopping as the last task if possible. It entails the most work on commercial cleaning. And while you’re at it, never forget to put signs on wet floors. This is to maintain safety and welfare in the office environment.

10. Assess Your Work

Walk around the office and double-check your work. You should be your own worst critic. Never take any detail for granted. And finally, give yourself a pat on the shoulder for a job well done.

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