Murphy bed ideas for chic space-saving solutions

We are fully aware that Murphy beds have often not been the most glamorous of additions to a home. However, once uncomfortable and awkward, Murphy bed ideas are having a bit of a glow up and we are seeing ingenious ways they are being used as a small space solution in the chicest of homes.

Murphy beds make sense! So why shouldn’t we be embracing their ability to turn any room (no matter how small) into a modern bedroom. They can instantly transform a home office or a living room or a playroom into extra room for guests. And all these design-approved designs show they can look really sleek and seamless too. Whether you are up for a bit of DIY or have the budget to work with a carpenter to create something bespoke, these wall bed ideas and sure to inspire.

The best ways to style a murphy bed

1. Connect a Murphy bed to the rest of the room

Pink panelled murphy bed

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

Murphy beds may be a practical small-space solution, but just look how chic they can be too. This pink bedroom/home office has everything you would want from a Murphy bed – it’s chic, subtle, and incorporates some handy extra storage that can be used by both homeowner and guests.