How To Take Care of a Full-Height Wine Fridge

You have researched and selected between Wine coolers from Bodega43, built-in models, and considered a cellar. Finally, you found the perfect full height wine fridge for your cherished collection. Your wine is held in carefully chilled bliss, with the exact conditions met to maximise longevity.

Perfect Placement

Fridge maintenance starts with installation. Your fridge needs to be perfectly placed, away from direct sunlight, areas that get hot and on a completely flat surface. Your installer will have checked this for built-in units. Flooring comes into the equation here too. Although carpeted surfaces may seem significant, it is advisable to opt for an easy to clean surface. While spillages aren’t familiar, accidents do happen. The trials of getting red wine out of carpets are legendary. Consider putting a plastic mat under your fridge if your surface is carpeted.

Regular Fridge Maintenance

Like any appliance, your wine fridge needs regular maintenance to prolong its life and efficiency. Due to the long-lasting mechanisms, the most common parts that will need replacing are superficial. This would include the interior lights and damaged door handles. Doors being opened with vigorous enthusiasm too often is oddly not as rare as one would hope. Other than that, maintenance is relatively elementary. Check the water or drip tray, and remove it as frequently as required. This will prevent the growth of mould or leakage from overflow. Regular cleaning will also go a long way to extending your model’s life cycle and continuing good looks.

Cleaning Your Wine Fridge

Routine cleaning helps keep your wine fridge fresh and beautiful. A gentle wipe should be done regularly, as with any other appliance. A deeper, more thorough cleaning should be undertaken once or twice a year. Start with the obvious – switch the fridge off before cleaning. The risk of an electric shock may be small but still exists. Choose non-abrasive, gentle cleaning products, and use soft cloths. Racks that can be removed should be, and then gently cleansed. Handle your racks or shelves with extreme care, as damaging these will lead to storage issues. Replacement racks are pricey, which is another good reason to be cautious. Clean both the inside and outside of your unit unless built-in. Beauty may be skin deep, but a shiny exterior is more attractive. Finally, let the fridge air out thoroughly before putting it all back together.

Keep a Watchful Eye

If any maintenance issues crop up, or you notice any parts not working optimally, take care immediately. Letting problems fester will only worsen them in the long run and affect your fridge’s lifespan. If a bottle breaks in the refrigerator or wine gets spilt inside, a deep clean is infinitely preferable to a quick clean-up. Although regular maintenance and cleaning can be tedious, they are essential. As a full-height wine fridge owner, you will enjoy your machine’s benefits for many years, and regular care will help your fridge last a very long time. Bottoms up!